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DAU is a set of easy to use command line utilities for Dokuwiki administration written in Haskell and licenced under the terms of GNU GPLv2 or later licence. They help to see and analyse the whole structure of a wiki, manage pages, users and groups, find unneeded uploaded media and available for you on both GNU/Linux and Windows. But source code is portable and should compile on any operating system where Haskell compiler available.

DAU at Sourceforge.net

Planned tools

  • WikiUsers. Source code is already available to download.
    • View information about registered users of the wiki. You can see their logins, emails, full names and groups.
    • Add or remove users from the command line. It is faster than via standard web-interface.
    • Change groups of registered users. Add user to a group or delete from the existing one.
    • Show the whole structure of wiki as a graph where pages are nodes and link are edges. This tool provides you with a way to identify potential problems of your wiki structure.
    • Find uploaded but unused media content.
    • Just remove page and all links to it from other pages.
  • Your great ideas are welcome! What tool do you need? What problem do you want to be automated?

If you want to help this project please visit development section.

Project news

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